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2020 Cat Arch



The Rationale

It is said that entomophagy will become one of the main gastronomic tendencies of the future due to the high optimization of spatial and environmental resources in their management and productive system.
The project is an imaginative scenario that shows how the urban environment and domestic life could co-exist in 2050.
Our proposal is located in the city of New York, in the neighbourhood of Hell’s Kitchen. The name of the neighbourhood led us to think about the future of the new worldwide gastronomic tendencies and create a proposal for the area. Hell’s Kitchen was historically known for its commercial areas, restaurants, diversity and character.
The proposal should not be seen only as a device for remembrance of the old days, but also as a device for economic and cultural growth. The scope is to create a collaborative relationship within the neighbourhood and use Gastronomic Microactivism as a tool for change.
The restaurants, the infrastructure and the residential areas will have to adapt to the new current. The convivence with the new species will guide the population to design and use the shared spaces in a different manner and establish new ecosystems where different beings (animals, insects, vegetables) can co-exist.